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Battery Power - we will increase the lifespan of your batteries up to 4 timesGood lead acid or gel battery supposed to last up to 10 years and more, but all professional know that in reality all batteries last only one third or even quarter of this expected lifespan in the best case scenario because of the sulphating process. Batteries tend to lose their capacity and therefore you will have to buy new batteries every 2-4 years.

"Battery Power" will increase the lifespan of your batteries to what it is supposed to be; we can rejuvenate very poor performing batteries and in many case even reanimate completely dead batteries which you were going to throw out.

     our competitive edge

Battery Power - unique technology and unique equipmentOur edge over competitors is our unique technology and unique equipment built to certain specifications which enables us to rejuvenate, restore and reanimate lead acid & gel, starting, traction & stationary, heavy duty & deep cycle, marine & automotive batteries, battery banks to its former glory. We will return your batteries to the state when they perform as good as new and in many cases even better increasing the lifespan of your batteries up to 4 times.

We offer mobile service so you don’t have to handle that heavy load and carry your batteries somewhere to get them serviced, recovered or rejuvenated because we will come to you. Our equipment is highly mobile and can be brought to any floor in any building or any deck on any boat or ship.

"Battery Power" is also environmentally friendly because we help you use your batteries longer so you won’t have to dispose of them every 2-4 years therefore cutting down environmental pollution. Our unique technology & equipment doesn’t produce any waste of any type.

     battery restoration

Your batteries are restored in 24 hours and our service is guaranteed. At "Battery Power" we are trying to minimize your costs and therefore restoration & reanimation services we perform don’t exceed 25% of the cost of a new battery of the similar type.

Restored batteries will perform as good as new and in many cases even better, the lifespan will be increased up to 4 times and charge holding capacity will be returned close to its factory state. You will save money and increase your batteries’ efficiency enabling superior performance and longevity.

By eliminating or reversing sulphate with “Battery Power” technology, thousands of dollars can be saved in electrical system maintenance, battery replacement and energy costs, as well as the amount of working capital tied up in batteries. Moreover, staff and equipment productivity can improve dramatically.

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