Battery reanimation mobile service
  ▪ lead acid & gel
  ▪ heavy duty & deep cycle
  ▪ starting, traction & stationary
  ▪ marine & automotive batteries

phlandlineBattery Power Hotline: 02825580274

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We are happy to help you diagnose, restore, rejuvenate and reanimate your batteries on the spot using high-end diagnostic and unique "'resonance-ionic" rejuvenation, reanimation and discharging equipment for lead acid & gel, starting, traction & stationary, heavy duty & deep cycle, marine & automotive batteries, powerful battery banks.

"Battery Power"  provides unique, most efficient preventative maintenance, rejuvenation, restoration and reanimation services for your batteries. At Battery Power we will return your batteries to the state when they perform as good as new and in many cases even better increasing the lifespan of your batteries up to 4 times, enabling superior performance and longevity.

By eliminating or reversing sulphate with “Battery Power” technology, thousands of dollars can be saved in electrical system maintenance, battery replacement and energy costs, as well as the amount of working capital tied up in batteries. Moreover, staff and equipment productivity can improve dramatically.

We are based in Auckland but are able to service your batteries anywhere in New Zealand.

First of all give us a call or write an email outlining problems you are experiencing with you batteries.


phlandlineBattery Power Hotline: 02825580274

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Use the form below to send your question or comment via email. Please make sure to leave proper contact details so we can get in touch with you in regards to your question ASAP. Please include area code with the phone number and double check your email address, if you know the type and specifications of your batteries please include this information in your question as well.

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