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Why restore batteries?

blueskyWell, the answer is quite simple - to save you money, to save you the hassle of replacing your batteries too early and to keep your batteries healthy and powerful for longer enabling superior performance & longevity; and of course to preserve nature and cut down pollution, to save resources of our planet.


A bit of theory

solarcowNowadays modern lead-acid and gel starting, traction & stationary, heavy duty & deep cycle, marine & automotive batteries, powerful battery banks are quite common and widely spread. We use them in almost every aspect of our lives, in every industry. These batteries are built so their life span supposed to be around 10 years and more, modern technologies and complicated processes are used to make sure batteries have this capacity.

However in the real life batteries last only 2 to 4 years and then they tend to lose charge holding capacity or they malfunction or they completely die. There are many reasons why this happens and most common factors are imperfect charges used, human factor, non optimal use of batteries; and the most common cause is sulphate build-up on battery plates.

If sulphate crystals are too big it can cause battery to short circuit and battery can simply die. Now just imaging that there is a technology to reverse sulphate build-up process and transform sulphate crystals back into an active battery plates lead mass. This will mean a full rejuvenation, full recovery of your batteries to its factory state. Many scientists were working on this problem and they found a solution! And the solution is a line of patented battery maintenance systems & services offered in New Zealand by "Battery Power" using revolutionary resonance-ionic technology. You can read how resonance-ionic technology works Battery Power - how resonance-ionic technology works on "our technology" page.

marineloadYour battery that served you only 2 years is up and running again on its full capacity in no time. This process can be repeated as many times as required until the natural battery resource is worked out; even better if you start servicing your batteries using "Battery Power" technology from the moment you purchase them and that alone will enable superior performance and longevity of your batteries. And considering that preventative maintenance & restoration services will only cost you a fraction of the price of a new battery you will save lots over years if you chose to service you batteries instead of replacing them. Thousands of dollars can be saved in electrical system maintenance, battery replacement and energy costs, as well as the amount of working capital tied up in batteries. Moreover, staff and equipment productivity can improve dramatically.


Battery rejuvenation & restoration benefits 

Main benefits are:

▪ restoration is cost effective
▪ restored batteries are covered with warranty
▪ battery lifespan is increased up to 4 times
▪ charge holding capacity is restored up to 90% of its factory state
▪ full battery diagnostics report prior and after the restoration
▪ environmentally friendly technology
▪ no waste produced by our technology
▪ no chemical used to restore your batteries
▪ restoration takes place on the spot
▪ our equipment is designed to even service very powerful industrial batteries
▪ enable superior performance & longevity
▪ staff and equipment productivity can improve dramatically

We have prepared some cost efficiency calculations for you in the Adobe Acrobat document. These examples will show you real savings you can make by servicing, restoring and rejuvenating batteries instead of replacing them by new ones. You can make your own calculations based on the information provided. Please download and view our Cost Efficiency Calculations Battery Power - cost efficiency calculations

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